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The strength in a smile

The perfect number

Three young women, three sisters, very different the one from the other, even if they come from the same story, combine and focus their energies in the same direction. The enthusiasm of Simona, Ida, and Serena takes shape in a project, L’Antico Fienile Belmonte, that aims to promote a new cultural model able to guide the consumer towards a healthy and conscious lifestyle. They feel united, not only by the love for their family, but also by those ideals received by it; and although very young, they possess a maturity that derives from their having breathed and absorbed the values of the tradition, the respect, and the love for the land.
It is from their intuition, enthusiasm, and the want of thinking big that vines and olive groves are the absolute protagonists of the project L’Antico Fienile Belmonte that, with care and love, guarantees the wine and oil production, sources of pride of the Made in Italy quality.

Ida Belmonte
Ida Belmonte
Administration Office Manager
Serena Belmonte
Serena Belmonte
Simona Belmonte
Simona Belmonte
Brand and Communication Manager
A story of passion

From the dream on the table

L’Antico Fienile Belmonte arises from the passion of three young women, three sisters, Ida, Simona, and Serena; they have collected a dream passed down in their family through generations, and they have decided to turns it into reality. From the love for colours and perfumes of nature, and the healthy work of who believes in the couple tradition-innovation, it comes to life the project of L’Antico Fienile Belmonte, a business reality all focused on the natural production of wine and oil.

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