History, culture and tradition

One of the most beautiful villages of Italy

We find many traces of the town of Altomonte already in the Roman times with “Pliny the Elder”, then during all the time in which it was defined with the toponym “Brahall”, an Arabic term that means “God’s blessing”. It is only in 1342 that the town takes the definitive name of Altomonte. Its particular conformation, in large part flat and bathed by the rivers Esaro, Grandi and Fiumicello, and in part hilly, makes its territory very fruitful. Altomonte is considered one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, for its wonderful landscapes and its cultural and artistic heritage in which history, culture, tradition, and innovation converge. In the last 20 years the town has experienced a prosperous period of active growth, thanks to the work of those who have been able to export beyond the Calabrian borders the enogastronomic culture and the vitality of this community, that is the centre of several cultural, musical and social events. The great interest and attention for tourism and gastronomy confirms Altomonte as an avant-garde town for its wine and oil production, thanks to the particular temperate climate and the passion of the small-scale local producers. Altomonte’s community is deeply rooted in its values, although keeping up to date; it is strongly connected to the passion for work, the love of the land, the care and culture oriented towards a healthy lifestyle that starts from the table.

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