The project

to fly higher

we take a run-up from the land

L’Antico Fienile is a young and dynamic project, in which are interconnected passion, vocation, and the willingness to propose a new cultural model, full oriented towards the respect and valorisation of the environment and healthy eating.
The three Belmonte sisters undertake to create value, starting from an authentic example of how to create natural products to guide the consumer towards a healthy and conscious lifestyle, a return to simplicity and authenticity of values and flavours.
This project aims at promoting a new way of perceiving, not only the food quality, but also nature, wellness, by moving towards an environmentally sustainable development that enhances the land and the territories, giving new blood to young people’s enterprise and new job opportunities.
L’Antico Fienile manages the realization of its projects, by pointing to the creation of a network of relations with the local producers, in order to bring abroad the name of Calabria as a guarantee of the Made in Italy quality. In an always more automated world, l’Antico Fienile does not invest only in machines, but above all in the passion of people able to use them.
A backward journey

To the dream roots

L’Antico Fienile has existed for 80 years on the Altomonte hills and it has been used for long time for the hay storage, picked up in the fields of Montino to feed the livestock reared by Belmonte family. The latter has been nourishing a strong passion, passed down from father to sons, for the handcrafted wine, once produced only for the familiar self-sufficiency.

Over the years and from one generation to another, the work obligations of the family have overwhelmed the treatment of the livestock farming, but never the wine production, the wine that their dad Gianfranco has always defined as “a grape juice”, precisely to make it clear the value of the homemade product, which is genuine, handcrafted, and without any chemical treatment, and to convey this safe value to his daughters.

Finally and recently, in 2016, Belmonte family has decided to renovate the edifice, by building an artisanal wine cellar that, at present, stores the good wine, guarded with care and attention inside the basement, an ideal place for the best preservation of the product.

Once ended the wine cellar restoration, Belmonte family dreams have started, by seeing with their own eyes the realization of the 1% of a dream, that one on which they have decided to invest time and resources, in order to achieve it completely. At present, the family cares about the project, that is taking place thanks to the three young sisters determination and effort, with the main objective to arrive on everybody’s table and bring new surprises, aesthetic experiences, and emotions of wine, a wine that wants to be known and not understood.

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